Monday, August 18, 2014

Episode 41 - A Different Perspective

This week we talk to our first official reviewer, Izsak!  We also go over what it really means to be a "gamer".

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  1. I've been saving up your shows to listen as I grind on Path of Exiles. I think your shows have improved, the discussions are the best part, topics and guests are also great.
    I think your new reviewer is superb.
    I had a good laugh at this sausage fest trying to define or validate "gamer girl" , you are sorely missing the imput of Tera and Lightning <3.
    I'm too busy enjoying playing games as my preferred activity to bother shouting my gamer cred to the world. I think it's a highly subjective thing, of course the more similar that person's tastes and habits are to your own, the more they seem like a great gamer to you. My definition of a gamer is just someone whose preferred mode of leisure is gaming. People get a hit of pleasure from the dopamine reward centres when they do something they enjoy, I suppose games are just our preferential poison. :p