Saturday, March 8, 2014

Episode 19 - Saving Suikoden

It's a "Can't Miss" episode!  We talk to Ryan, one of the admins of the Suikoden Revival Movement, which we mentioned in a previous episode.  He talks to us with his feelings about the Suikoden series, JRPGs in general, and the future of the movement!  We also go over our top 5 funniest games, plus ANNOUNCEMENTS!

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  1. Glad to see you guys back. Brian's awesome! Although your Brian impressions are uncannily good. Been listening ot the show since the RPgamer plug back then. Weekly format-course I'm excited but don't burn yourself out.
    Lastly, amazing interview with intelligent and insightful Ryan form the Suikoden Revival Movement-that's one movement I can get behind. Suikoden was one of my favourite series and his comments on the state of Japanese RPG's and the false dichotomy are bang on. Might seem a bit trite, but creative people have been always inspired by their counterparts elsewhere. For e.g. the film Seven Samurai and the Magnificent 7, Supposedly the Japanese Magical Girl show genre was inspired by "Bewitched". I haven't played Final Fantasy for along time, probably since 10, but I really only truly enjoyed it up to and including 7. I don't like the arguments of the big games company that RPG's are niche and couldn't generate enough revenue like the AAA titles, a real lack of flexibility in my opinion. RPG's shouldn't need a huge grpahics and animation budget because the key features are character devleopment and plot and budgets should match the size of the demographic-if they won't cater, I hope hte indie outfits will.